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13 de mayo de 2013 | | | |

Meeting of Environmental Activists in Latin America

Report on the Activities of Friends of the Earth Latin America and the Caribbean in Colombia

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Monday is the final day of the 5th edition of the Sustainability School of Friends of the Earth Latin America and the Caribbean (ATALC), which comprises environmental organizations from the region. A Workshop of Nature Defenders will be held tomorrow. It will be focused on the permanent threats suffered by environmental and social activists and the ways to confront them.

Both activities will take place in Villa San Nicolas, close to Villavicencio in Meta department.

The sustainability school began on Friday. Before that, on May 7, there was an International Forum on Land Grabbing at the Chamber of Commerce of Villavicencio. And then, from May 7 to 9 the ATALC meeting took place in Villa San Nicolas. ATALC is part of Friends of the Earth International, an environmental federation with groups in almost 80 countries around the world.

For this reason the ecologist groups of Africa and Europe were invited by ATALC to participate in all the activities organized in Colombia. The events were hosted by the local group, CENSAT-Agua Viva, Friends of the Earth Colombia.

On Friday, during our show ‘Mil Voces’, we contacted our colleague Ignacio Cirio, who is attending the events in Colombia on behalf of Real World Radio. Ignacio made a full report of the activities, together with activist Lucia Ortiz of FoE Brazil and coordinator of the FoEI program Economic Justice Resisting Neoliberalism and Marco Von Bostel, of Otros Mundos-Friends of the Earth Mexico.

Photo: atalc.org

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