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Egidio Brunetto, builder of dreams

Paul Nicholson discusses challenges at internal opening ceremony of the 6th Conference of La Via Campesina

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After the public opening ceremony of the 6th International Conference of La Via Campesina, the work panels that started on Monday will focus on the international context, the global crisis of capitalism, the resistance struggles, especially peasant struggles and the victories over capitalism on agriculture, among other issues.

But on Monday morning, tens of peasants of the Americas were in charge of an opening ceremony focused on Egidio Brunetto, one of the main leaders of the Rural Landless Workers Movement of Brazil (MST) and La Via Campesina International. In fact, this 6th Conference carries his name. The participants of the ceremony wore shirts reading: “Egidio Brunetto, builder of dreams, struggles and revolutions”.

One of the people in charge of speaking at the first discussion panel was leader Paul Nicholson, member of EHNE of the Basque Country and one of the main international leaders of La Via Campesina. In a brief, clear and rich presentation, Nicholson made reference to the five challenges faced by the peasant network.

He made reference to the need to maintain unity and cohesion in diversity; he proposed to highlight the visibility of local struggles with a global analysis and also ensure the full and equal participation in the organizational, local and economic internal life of women and young people, but first of women; to strengthen the capacity of solidarity, support and political presence against the criminalization of the protest and think on how to help the strengthening of the global movement for social justice at general level.

Photo: Vía Campesina

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