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11 de junio de 2013 | | | |

Youth Meeting

Over 200 young people met at 6th International Conference of Via Campesina

The 3rd International Youth Assembly of Via Campesina began on Saturday in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, with activities and speeches by the members of the movement and guests.

Over 200 young people met in one of the rooms of the Padepokan Pencak Silat, Taman Mini center, where the 6th International Conference of Via Campesina is being carried out (June 6-13). There, they will hold several activities until tomorrow afternoon. The 4th Women’s Assembly of La Via Campesina came to an end yesterday.

“In the strength of Via Campesina’s youth also lies the responsibility of advancing in the building of our movement, in the struggles and the resistance of the people. Via Campesina’s youth struggles for food sovereignty”, said Juana Ferrer, of the National Confederation of Peasant Women of Dominican Republic (CONAMUCA), in her opening presentation.

Juana also said that "in this process of building Via Campesina, the youth took on the challenge to dismantle capitalism, patriarchy and its neoliberal policy". “The struggle, the resistance and the commitment of the young people of Via Campesina is increasingly deeper”, she added.

Photo: Vía Campesina.

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