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Solidarity, Unity and Internationalism

Interview with Deo Carrizo of MNCI: “We are exposing our bodies in the territories”

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Deolinda Carrizo is a member of the Peasant Movement of Santiago del Estero (MOCASE), Argentina. Despite her young age (she is now 30), she has been a longtime activist in the struggle for access to land for peasants, against agribusiness and social injustice.

Deo is also a member of the National Peasant and Indigenous Movement of Argentina (MNCI), which secretariat operated within the Latin American Coordination of Countryside Organizations (CLOC). We interviewed Deo at the 6th International Conference of La Via Campesina that ended last week in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Deo began by making general remarks about the Conference of La Via Campesina and highlighted that “today we suffer the growing offensive of capitalism, so we have to be united locally, nationally and internationally”.

Some of the political aspects the conference should address, in her opinion, is the need for solidarity and internationalism. She considered that La Via Campesina should strengthen its struggle in certain aspects such as food sovereignty.
Deo said peasant farming cools off the planet, it is a way to tackle the climate crisis, one of the many current global crisis. She warned about the process of land grabbing carried out by agribusiness.

Meanwhile, the MNCI activist also referred to the situation in her country, especially in Santiago del Estero. “In Argentina, we are facing the rule of agribusiness and the extractivist model, which has its own rules. We need to keep fighting, to keep organizing to put an end to it. We are exposing our bodies in the territories, in the different spaces where we think we can make a difference”.

The leader urged to “stop immediately” the extractivist model and the model of agribusiness “that is destroying our culture, our form of production, our food, food sovereignty, nature. Otherwise, the future generations will not be able to have ‘a good living’”, she concluded.

Photo: Vía Campesina.

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