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24 de junio de 2013 | | | |

A Delayed but Urgent Debate

Seminar “Genetically Modified Crops in the Southern Cone” , Uruguay, June 2013: Karin Nansen, coordinator of REDES-Friends of the Earth Uruguay

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What where the paths that led to the introduction of genetically modified (GM) crops in Uruguay? What information was made available to the public and what level of debate was there? Karin Nansen, coordinator of REDES-Friends of the Earth Uruguay answered all these questions during an international seminar on GM crops in the Southern Cone held last week in Montevideo, Uruguay. The event was organized by REDES and Uruguay Sustentable.

Experts and activists from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay as well as the Risk Management Committee of Uruguay participated in the event. Nansen opened the seminar and said the “promises” made during the introduction of GM technology in the region were not fulfilled.

She referred in particular to fighting poverty in the world and reducing the use of agrotoxics in agriculture.

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