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Let’s Young People also speak and take action

Friends of the Earth in Europe makes room to young people to take action for the environment

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This summer the Young Friends of Earth in Europe will organize a summer camp on the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway. From the 28th July- 4th August, 60 young people from the network will come for 6 days of learning, networking and making plans for contributing to defend environment. They will also work with Young Friends of the Earth Norway (Natur og Ungdom) who will be running their own camp for 300 young Norwegian activists, and 30 other international youth from organisations from Russia, Nigeria, Canada and the US.

«We think that it can be a powerfull push to get the voice of youth out there to the politicians», says the coordinator of Youth and Nature Programme Silje Lundberg for Friends Of Earth in Europe.

The aim of the Youth network of FOE in Europe is to build skills and knowledge about environment. This programme will be dedicated to learning about and taking action to prevent the drilling for North Sea oil off the coast of the Lofoten Islands in Norway. Indeed, there’s a real risk that the new Government of Norway (elections are coming in fall 2013) is going to start drilling in this ecologically and socially vulnerable location.

«The government fails to listen to us so we will try to that on how to have a civil desobedience action against oil drilling», says Silje Lundberg. She also adds: «the oil industry is completely disconnected of all climate responsability, so we need the world know what actually is going on».

But they also will deal with global issues related with different nationalities participating to the programme. Participants will be involved in terms of teaching others what is happening in their own country and sharing skills. She hopes that the event will have a great mediatic coverage interpellate the Civil Society.

«Most important thing that we can do for this cause to really reach out the civil society is to talk about it both before the camp but also after».

Photo: http://www.foeeurope.org/yfoee/network

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