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5 de agosto de 2013 | | |

A Call for Unity

Antiimperialistic and Anticolonialist Summit Held in Cochabamba, Bolivia

“Cubans are outraged. We have suffered a lot lately because what happened to Bolivian President Evo Morales could have happened to the President of any other country”, Maria Elena Ruiz Viera of the Federation of Cuban Women told Real World Radio about the hijacking of President Evo Morales’s plane in Europe on July 3rd.

Ruiz Viera is participating in the “Antiimperialistic and Anticolonialist Summit for Peoples’ Sovereignty, International Treaties and Human Rights” that ended last Friday in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The event was called by social movements and organizations in support of Evo Morales’s administration after the Bolivian presidential plane was denied access to French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish air space under the pretext that former National Intelligence Agency contractor Edward Snowden was aboard the flight. Snowden is wanted for leaking information on the agency’s surveillance program.

The Bolivian plane had left Moscow, Russia, and had to make an emergency landing in Vienna, Austria.

“We are outraged and once again we strongly condemn imperialism”, said Ruiz Viera. “I think that the answer of the Cuban people has been to strongly condemn the US government because we have suffered an embargo for over 50 years and we have been able to survive thanks to the unity and determination of our people to keep up the fight”.

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