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Palestinian Voices

Palestinian Residents Affected by the Israeli Apartheid Speak up

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A solidarity mission of Friends of the Earth International visited the village Jubet al deeb, near Bethlehem, to the south of the West Bank, in Palestine.

The community has no water and electricity, while the neighboring Israeli settlements enjoy those basic utilities. The Israeli military presence in the area implies many prohibitions to the Palestinian residents. In Jubet al deeb there are nearly 200 people and 4,000 in the surrounding areas.

Members of the Friends of the Earth International Executive Committee and International Secretariat from different countries, as well as members of the national group PENGON-Friends of the Earth Palestine spoke with residents Ammar Al Wahsh and Adel Danouu, both members of the village’s council, and with Ammad Allan, chair of the Palestinian Hydrology Group of Hebron (also in the West Bank), of which PENGON is a member.

You can listen to an excerpt of their conversation here

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