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Young Friends of the Earth Europe Denounces Corporate Capture of Climate Talks

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Developed countries have shown no progress at the COP 19 on climate change held in Warsaw, Poland. On the contrary, they blocked the proposals of developing countries, said Maruška Mileta activist and steering group member of Young Friends of the Earth Europe.

Once again, the UN climate negotiations were captured by corporations, Maruška told Real World Radio during an interview on Friday, before the end of the talks on Saturday. Many civil society organizations decided to walk out of the official talks because the developed countries’ governments were blocking all progress to avert a climate crisis.

Mileta said that some of the most important demands of Young Friends of the Earth Europe were to stop energy projects and to, instead, implement renewable energy systems managed by the communities and for the communities.

The European activist expressed solidarity with the communities around the world that are affected by climate change and talked about the different actions carried out by Young Friends of the Earth Europe during the COP in Warsaw.

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