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2nd day of activities at MST Congress

Popular Agrarian Reform, one of the main slogans of the congress of the Landless Rural Workers Movement of Brazil (MST) was particularly discussed this morning at the 6th Congress of the movement, together with other organizations of the Brazilian countryside and La Via Campesina International. As part of today´s activities, the congress heard the testimonies of Guarani indigenous and “quilombola” communities (descendents of free slaves) and a round table on “women´s participation in the building of a project of change” was carried out.

In interview with Real World Radio, one of the spokespeople of the movement, José “Ze” Roberto Alves, said that the morning debate was fruitful and denounced “the agribusiness, large transnational corporations and financial capital model (…) that each year concentrates more and more lands, minerals and resources of our peoples and that displaces and destroys native communities and the peasant population”. The peasant leader also talked about the debate that will take place on Wednesday 12, which will pose the question “What are the challenges of the Brazilian working class?”. Two of the country’s main unions, Workers Union (CUT) and Força Sindical, will participate in the debate.

On Wednesday afternoon there will be a large mobilization in Brasilia as part of the Congress with the goal of “denouncing before the Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branches the lack of agrarian policies for the Brazilian countryside, denouncing that the Brazilian government has chosen capital over agriculture, depreciating agrarian reform and small farming”. According to Zé Roberto, “small farming is responsible for the production of 75% of the food on the tables of the Brazilian people”. And it is also the main source of jobs in rural areas, he added.

Finally, Real World Radio asked Zé Roberto about the logistical aspects of this big event organized by the MST, where over 16 thousand people from the entire country are participating: “we have a structure with over 20 working teams, in addition to regional teams, with different kitchens and spaces where we are living amid an atmosphere of celebration. But in addition, Ze said that this important space is preparing “people to face the challenges when they go back to their homes, with the strong will to struggle, to build a popular agrarian reform project.

Imagen: Douglas Mansur (http://www.flickr.com/photos/mstoficial)

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