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23 February 2014 | | | |

Interview with Venezuelan Ambassador to Uruguay, Julio Chirino

International solidarity towards the democratically elected Venezuelan government led by Nicolas Maduro, in the context of a coup attempt where the national far-right wing, the US meddling and the Colombian paramilitary are involved, among other actors, is an important need of the Boliviarian Revolution these days.

The appeal to social movements and organizations at world level, although especially from Latin America, is one of the strong bets of the Venezuelan government, once again threatened by the oligarchy of the country, the middle class and the usual foreign falcons.

Real World Radio interviewed Venezuelan Ambassador to Uruguay, Julio Chirino, as part of the radio´s show Mil Voces. “We need the solidarity of the international community, of the revolutionary allies at global level and of true democrats as well, which we have received and are thankful for”, said Chirino.

Nevertheless, he also appealed to the need to “break with the media bias over our country”, and make room for the truth. “When one starts to hear what the traditional and hegemonic media present to you, you end up believing realities that are far away from what is really happening in Venezuela”.

On Thursday, the Uruguayan workers union, PIT-CNT, organized a “solidarity day of action” at their headquarters in Montevideo. Chirino himself received a bust of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez from the workers´ union, who took the opportunity to call for a “massive mobilization in support of the Bolivarian people” on February 26, 6 p.m, at Plaza Libertad, Montevideo.

In the interview with Mil Voces, Chirino said that there is a plan in Venezuela aiming to “overthrow the revolutionary process” taking place in the country, “in a way that reproduces methods we´ve already suffered, such as the generation of violence to justify a constitutional collapse, a coup d´Etat”.

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