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26 de junio de 2014 | |

Global Victory: UN Council approves creation of working group for a binding treaty on TNCs and human rights

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At noon, European time, the United Nations Human Rights Council approved Ecuador and South Africa´s proposal to create an intergovernmental working group to prepare a binding treaty on transnational corporations and human rights, against strong pressure from the US.

This decision was celebrated as a victory that sets the beginning of a new stage in the joint campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power. Members of this campaign held a mobilization week in Geneva, Switzerland and organized a session of the Permanent Peoples´ Tribunal, where several corporations and the “architecture of impunity” of these transnational companies were denounced.

Immediately after the result of the vote was made public (with 20 votes in favor, 14 against, among them US and the European Union and 10 abstaining countries, including most of Latin America, to the surprise of the delegations) Real World Radio picked up the words of Luis Gallegos, Ecuadorian Ambassador, who spoke with members of social organizations and thanked the mobilization and the joint work carried out by the Pacific Alliance.

The Latin American diplomat said this meant the end of the “voluntary” regulation paradigm in terms of human rights, especially with reference to transnational corporations.

“We (diplomats) change and are changed, but you remain”, said Gallegos to the representatives of organizations.

Alberto Villarreal, who participated in the mobilizations and the strategic proposals of the campaign said that “this is a historical victory for the workers at global level and indigenous communities. It is a victory over transnational corporations that exploit, commodify and are financializing Mother Nature”.

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