• New video on the financialization of nature

    Real World Radio launched a new short video produced for the Forests and Biodiversity Program of environmental federation Friends of the Earth International. The video analyzes the financialization of nature and features several activists who have been working on issues linked to the financialization of nature for many years and from different (...)
  • Concerns and alert over Lynas operations in Malaysia

    Malaysian activist Bang Seet Ping, member of the Himpunan Hijau group (Green Assembly) organized a boycott campaign against Australian Lynas Corporation, which processes rare earths in the Asian country and produces radioactive material as waste. Almost three years after beginning operations, there isn´t a waste management (...)
  • Development at any cost? Installation of Lynas in Malaysia and the discourse of development

    Lynas installed its plant in the Malaysian area of Gebeng, Kuantan in the state of Pahang, without consulting the local community and has not been transparent, said activist Tan Bun Teet, chairperson of the organization Save Malaysia Stop Lynas, to Real World Radio.
  • Food and Democracy - October 16: World Food Sovereignty Day

    On October 16, the world commemorates World Food Sovereignty Day with mobilizations and statements by the peasant movement, rural women, pastoralists and artisanal fisherfolk. The latest report by the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch states that this human right is threatened by the domination of food systems in the hands of a few transnational (...)
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