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  • 30 March |

    Alert over “new generation” trade agreements

    Friends of the Earth International at the World Social Forum: interview with Economic Justice Program Coordinator

    Thousands of activists closed on Saturday a new edition of the World Social Forum in Tunisia, 15 years after the 1st forum of the international antiglobalization movement took place in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

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  • 30 March |

    Recycling won’t save the planet

    New report by Friends of the Earth Europe

    Friends of the Earth Europe’s new report “Preventing Waste: Recycling isn’t enough for a circular economy” points to a requirement of EU policies to reach a resource-efficient and lower-consuming Europe, while showcasing community led solutions on waste prevention. Ariadna Rodrigo, resource and consumption campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe discusses the need of the new EU commission to step forward and take responsibility of the overconsumption and to start reducing waste in Europe.

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  • 27 March |

    All eyes on Real World Radio

    Researchers conduct study about our radio: we interviewed the people behind the research and share the results

    Academic Katherine Reilly, assistant professor at the Communications School of Simon Fraser University, Canada, and Master´s Degree Student Belén Febres Cordero of the same university, have just published their paper "Real World Radio (2003-2013): the role of communication in resistance in the changing geopolitical framework of Latin America" (attached, in Spanish).

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  • 24 March |

    Glyphosate and Cancer

    World Health Organization classifies the “agricultural miracle” herbicide as carcinogenic

    This agrotoxic, whose use is associated with the production of GMOs and therefore it is increasingly being used in several countries that still allow the use of this technology, is getting new criticism, in this case by the World Health Organization (WHO), which increased its human health risk classification.

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  • 23 March |

    Poverty in the land of plenty

    Assessing the Liberian iron ore mining sector

    On the 17th of March the Sustainable Development Institute in Liberia released the report “Poverty in the Midst of Plenty: How Post-War Iron Ore Mining Is Failing to Meet Local People’s Expectations”. The report reviews Liberia’s iron ore mining sector. It shows that “Liberia earns too little from its iron ore exports, severely straining state-citizen relations and relations between local communities and foreign multi-nationals operating in the mining sector”. Silas Kpanan Ayoung Siakor from the Sustainable Development Institute in Liberia answers to Real World Radio’s questions based on the findings of the report.

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  • 18 March |

    Interview with Ana Dominguez, PhD: a comprehensive overview

    In Uruguay “we have the need to think about our limitations, but also our potential in order to move towards territorial sustainability in the framework of the Regional Water Resources Councils and Basin Commissions”, said Ana Dominguez, PhD in Geography, in an interview with Real World Radio.

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