• The Signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership

    The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) has recently been signed on February 4 2016 in New Zealand by trade ministers from its 12 member countries. Real World Radio caught up with Sam Cossar-Gilbert from Friends of the Earth Australia who works within the Economic Justice - Resisting Neoliberalism Programme to discuss the implications of this...
  • Project suspended

    "The intentionality, malice and bad faith from Barrick is unquestionable", organizations denounce in Chile

    Several Barrick Chile´s top officers appeared in a national court which is aiming to determine the company´s intention in terms of the lack of compliance surrounding the building of the Pascua Lama mining project, which has caused serious environmental pollution.
  • Europe: mega farms replace peasant families in milk production

    Since March, 2015, thousands of peasant families focused on milk production have lost their livelihoods after losing the quota system through which the industry was forced to acquire this food from historical producers. A limited number of corporations have established huge installations, competing at world level with much lower...
  • National Agrarian Coordination in Colombia holds 5th Assembly

    The National Agrarian Coordination - CNA of Colombia, member of CLOC - Via Campesina is holding its 5th National Assembly. Approximately 700 delegates from peasant organizations are meeting in Riosucio municipality, Caldas, to plan advocacy and mobilizations proposals for the next...
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