• Europe puts cap on agrofuel crops recognizing that these compete with food production

    On April 28, the European Parliament voted a new law that caps the use of crops to produce fuel. European MPs have recognized that agrofuels may compete with food production, contribute to climate change and force land-use changes.
  • Interview with Dipti Bhatnagar, FoEI Climate Justice Program Coordinator

    “This meeting is basically to bring together different types of people to talk about an issue which has serious concerns for all of us. In Mozambique we will be facing, (are) already facing the impacts of climate change on the most poorest and on the most vulnerable people of this country”, said to Real World Radio the Climate Justice and Energy...
  • 6th Uruguayan Native Seed Festival in pictures

    The 6th edition of the Native Seed and Family Farming Festival of Uruguay, which took place last weekend in Guichon, Paysandu department, was mainly a homage to the genetic and cultural accumulation of varieties that are key to feed the people of the world.
  • Brazil takes the lead in terms of the instruments of financialization of nature in the region

    As a mega-diverse country in environmental terms, Brazil has huge areas covered by forests, which has turned it into a financial capital target. Biodiversity abundance and richness is causing capital to advance over different territories of the country, through processes of financialization of nature that aim to "give way to new titles within...
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