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23 de agosto de 2011 | |

Challenging scenario

Interview with David Sanchez of FoE Spain on the European Food Sovereignty Forum

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From Portugal to Azerbaijan and from France to Italy, delegates of 35 European countries – both members and non member EU states – debated in Krems, Austria, about the need to move towards food sovereignty as part of the solutions to the economic crisis that hits both rural and urban populations in the continent.

David Sanchez of Friends of the Earth Spain told Real World Radio that “The diversity of participation – consumers, peasants, students, environmentalists and urban workers- was one of the greatest features of the debates and action plans that came out of the meeting celebrated last week in Austria.”

David represents Friends of the Earth International in the steering group of the Nyeleni 2011 Food Sovereignty Forum. On his return to Spain, David told Real World Radio that the meeting’s declaration proclaims that “a food system change is the first step towards a broader change in our societies”.

“We are aware of the responsibility we have as residents of one of the territories that is causing so much trouble around the world”, said David about the role played by the main European states and transnational corporations in global land grabbing and in the promotion of extractive industries and agribusiness that mostly affect the global south.

The result is an “extensive agenda” where the joint action ahead of the World Water Forum to be held in Marseille 2012, including other actions in rural and urban territories and pressure on institutions like the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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