2010 Special Broadcasts / Los transgénicos nos roban el futuro

Eventos paralelos a la conferencia de la FAO. Cobertura conjunta
entre Radio Mundo Real y Biodiversidad, Sustento y Culturas

  • 3 March 2010 | |

    Crime Against Humanity

    GM contamination of corn is a “crime against humanity”, according to organizations

    This conflict will be solved at international courts. The authorization of GM corn crops in Mexico and the attempt by the FAO to legitimize this practice are strongly questioned by tens of organizations meeting in Guadalajara, Mexico, in the parallel activities to the Conference on Agriculture Biotechnologies in Developing Countries (where the world´s most important seed companies are gathered). Read more

  • 3 March 2010 | |

    GM Totalitarianism Threatens Peasant World

    At a public hearing, small farmers, indigenous people and environmentalists will gather evidence to submit to international courts

    “The case submitted would be the issue of GM contamination in Mexico”, said Ramon Vera Herrera from GRAIN Mexico, “but we would also have to focus on the case of the FAO, which is clearly promoting biotechnology companies as a solution, telling us that biotechnology and nature can coexist”. Read more

  • 25 February 2010 | |

    Against Real Solutions

    Criticism to the role of the FAO in the struggle against global hunger and climate challenges

    “It is extremely important that movements and organizations around the world react against this attempt by the FAO to legitimize GMOs as a solution for third world countries”, said Silvia Ribeiro, researcher at the Erosion, Technology and Concentration Group (ETC Group) in Mexico and editor of Biodiversidad, sustento y culturas magazine. Read more

  • 24 February 2010 | |

    Questioning Biotechnologies

    Environmentalists and peasants will question the promotion of biotechnology in developing countries

    The Conference of Agricultural Biotechnologies in Developing Countries (ABDC-10) organized by FAO will be held in Guadalajara, Mexico, from March 1st to March 4th. The conference will analyze the “opportunities” offered by biotechnology as a way to solve the food crisis suffered by almost a billion people in the world. Read more

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