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20 de abril de 2012 | | |

Popular Consultation: Stagnated Law

Interview with Jose Leonardo Reyes of the Peasant Confederation of Peru-Via Campesina

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The internationally recognized right to consult the communities that will be affected by megaprojects before grating licenses has not yet become a law in Peru.

This is one of the main sources of confrontation between the peasant and indigenous movements and Ollanta Humala’s administration in Peru, Leonardo Reyes told Real World Radio at the 5th Native Seed Festival of the Small Farmers Movement of Brazil.

Reyes talked about the economic, social and political situation in Peru. He showed somewhat disappointed at Humala’s administration’s failure to fulfill some of his campaign promises.

He also reported the problem of the lack of distribution of communal land to the peasants. These lands had been usurped from the peasants under Alberto Fujimori’s administration.

Meanwhile, nearly 1,500 peasants from Brazilian and international delegations are participating in the 3rd National Seminar of Peasant Training. The event is being held in Anchieta municipality, Santa Catarina and it will continue until Friday 20.

The main objectives of the seminar are to strengthen the discussions on peasants and peasants’ struggle, to discuss actions to confront the agribusiness model, which is translated in large estates, genetically modified seeds and agrotoxics; to put forward actions to strengthen the peasants and peasant farming, the alliance for food sovereignty between rural and the urban areas and to promote a space to exchange ideas for integration, by strengthening the movement.

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