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Interview with Daniel Ortega, Ecuadorian negotiator at Rio+20 summit

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Daniel Ortega is Environment and Climate Change Director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration of Ecuador. At the UN Conference taking place in Rio de Janeiro, he was interviewed by Real World Radio with reference to the final stage of the negotiations.

Ortega said that the text being currently analyzed at the summit comes from discussions which took place in the past two years and reflects some "progress in certain areas".

According to Ortega, at the request of ALBA countries and the G77+China it was possible to “halt and suspend” the development of a model of commodification of nature, the so-called “green economy”, but despite this, there aren’t any plans for structural changes.

He set as an example, in terms of progress, that there are plans to recognize Mother Earth as a subject and that there is also text about living in harmony with nature, cultural diversity and other indicators that could help to "live a better future".

He added that the social movements feared the possibility of consolidation of the “green economy” model.

“It was necessary to work hard. And developing countries sent a political signal at the highest level, that the proposals of the South need to be heard”.

In addition to the plans to integrate social, environmental and economic issues, the proposal of Ecuador aimed to “recognize the multiple crisis to rethink our world and our society taking as a basis the rights of nature”, said Ortega.

The global crisis of capitalism is also an opportunity to reorder the economy at world level. "For instance, not only thinking about the absence of food, but about how this food is distributed", he stated.

Another specific issue proposed by Ecuador is to include cultural factors that can help strengthen the other three dimensions (society, environment and economy).

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