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15 February 2010 | |

The day the sun fell

Buenos Aires pays homage to survivors of the Hiroshima attack

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On February 12, the Congress of the city of Buenos Aires paid tribute to the survivors of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima, Japan, during the Second World War. Through this homage, the city sent a message of peace and non nuclear proliferation.

“It is an honor for me to be able to share this act with these people. I immediately accepted the invitation to the event as I consider it a cause of humanity as a whole, one of the worst atrocities committed in all history, and that anything done to partly compensate these people will never be enough”, House representative Adrian Rodolfo Camps, of leftist group Proyecto Sur, told Real World Radio at the end of the event.

Survivors of the Hiroshima attack Takashi Morita and Junko Watanabe spoke during the homage, promoted by Japanese non governmental organization Peace Boat, which travels around the world every year to promote peace.

“When I was hit by the atomic bomb I was 21 years old. I was in the military and saw the chaos of Hiroshima. I really feel I need to send the message for peace through my testimony so that the atomic bomb never happens again”, said Morita, who currently lives in Brazil, where he shared his experience with young people and children in schools.

Watanabe was only two years old when she was hit by the radioactive rain caused by the atomic bomb, known as “black rain”. Although due to her young age she does not remember the incident as vividly as Morita, she still feels the need to share it with others, so that it won’t happen again.

“There were many papers coming from the sun and my mom was really shocked, and she picked me up in the neighborhood. My mom told me the health situation was awful, I had constant diarrhea, so she thought I wouldn’t survive”, said Watanabe. She said she shares her testimony with others because she feels the need to send the message of peace to the next generations.

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