• Interview with Ruben Villalba, a Paraguayan Peasant Unjustly Imprisoned

    “We are political prisoners, what they did and what they are doing to us is political persecution because nothing can justify our being in jail”, Ruben Villalba told Real World Radio. He and another 13 peasants were accused by prosecutor Jalil Rachid of the Curuguaty massacre on June 15, 2012.
  • A Desperate Call: Ebola Wreacks Havoc in Liberia Amid Poor Reaction by International Community

    Health centres to treat ebola are packed in Liberia. People infected with the disease are sent back to their homes, where they infect other family members. Cases of entire families dying are quite common. Hospitals are overstretched and some have close down, while outside people are dying with illnesses that can be treated like malaria or typhoid fever. The crisis is affecting the country while the (...)
  • Socio-Environmental Impacts of Forestry Monoculture Plantations in Argentina

    Corrientes is the Argentinean province with the largest surface of forestry monoculture plantations. The neoliberal policies of the 1990s and the legal framework and government support that continues to promote forestry plantations lead to a “legion of trees” to grow at a pace of 5,000 hectares a month.
  • Degrowth Agenda in Europe: A Lifestyle Under Review

    “Europe does not have a degrowth agenda. Europe is very much in a growth agenda at the moment”, researcher Filka Sekulova, from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, told Real World Radio in an interview where she focused on the challenges and steps of the degrowth debate and analysis in Europe.
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