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9 June 2011 | | |

Anti-Babylon Cali

Multicultural space in Colombia to make “collective dreams” come true

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Over 100 days have passed since Sandra Vivana Cuellar disappeared in Cali, Colombia. She is missing since February 17th.

With this in mind, a multicultural space of social diversity and political alternatives, the 4th Anti-Babylon Festival, was held under the theme that another world is possible.

“It’s about realizing that collective dreams may come true”, said Harold Pardey, one of the organizers of the event, to Real World Radio.

“We participate with solidarity, to give visibility to these alternative spaces”, said the PanKlastos Collective.

This participation, according to them, aims to manage the space collectively as a protection and resistance strategy against the attempts of capitalism to appropriate and take control of this type of spaces.

“This is a strong struggle, because most of these spaces are trying not to be controlled by capitalism and at the same time they are trying to find a way to become more massive. We’ve seen how the system takes control of them”, said Germán Perdomo from PanKlastos.

Real World Radio is a witness of the fact that in a Colombia hit by war and corruption, there is still hope: “we must still look for multiple languages” that resist the dominant totalitarianism, is their conclusion.

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