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Podcasting’ is the syndication of audio files with an ’RSS’ system, which allows to subscribe and download files automatically and periodically. Syndication means one does not need to visit another website to listen to the audio file, a click is enough.

The main advantages of podcasting, instead of having audio files in a website, is that a program or web service can visit the sources from time to time to check if there are new files to download.

If we compare it to streaming or audio retransmission via Internet, podcasting offers independence, freedom of movement and time. Podcasts can be heard on any portable device (MP3 format or any other), anywhere, with no restrictions in terms of access to Internet, and at any moment, because it is recorded.


If you´d like to listen to any of our podcasts, you can download the audio file from RWR´s website by clicking the ’Download File’ link and save it on your PC.


You may also want to subscribe to any of the thematic RSS channels so you don´t miss any piece of work.

For more online information on podcasting visit:

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