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30 November 2009 | | |


Interview with Pia Eberhardt of the Corporate Europe Observatory

length: 8:31 minutes
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The mobilizations against the liberalization and deregulation policies of the World Trade Organization (WTO) that are taking place in Geneva, are exposing the actions of transnational corporations and international financial institutions favored by them.

Real World Radio interviewed Pia Eberhardt of the Corporate Europe Observatory, in Geneva. CEO is based in Brussels, Belgium, and works on activities of companies to change EU policies in all kinds of fields including trade.

Eberhardt told Real World Radio that CEO is there trying to figure out what kind of events the industry is organizing and what secret meetings are taking place. She acknowledged this is not easy to find out. They are also in Geneva to criticize and to deligitimize the WTO as a whole.

Pia considered it was “ridiculous” that the ministers sit down to discuss how they will deal with the crises at the WTO, because they are responsible for the crises we are facing. She blamed the WTO for liberalizing and deregulating the financial markets, and also for the food crisis and the destruction of family farming worldwide. She said that the peasant peoples used to produce their own food and that now they can’t as a result of the political negotiations that take place at the WTO.

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