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16 July 2009 | | |

The People Resist

Massive mobilizations take place in Honduras to demand the reinstatement of the democratic government

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A day after Honduras ousted President Manuel Zelaya, he gave an ultimatum to the de facto government to reestablish the democratic order in the country, and called for the uprising of the Honduran people, social organizations and unions called to keep up the struggles in the streets, and occupy “strategic spots” in Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and other cities.

The response by the de facto regime was to reestablish the curfew, a measure which had been lifted earlier this week.

“We request the understanding of the population and call to obey this provision, taken with the aim of protecting the safety of people and their property, and to ensure order and social peace”, reads the official statement issued by the de facto government, which argued the measure was necessary to counter the “open and continuous threats by the groups who are trying to cause riots in some places of the country”.

The social and unionist organization which are promoting the measures –among them a national strike to be enforced Thursday and Friday, the taking over of state buildings and the blockade of roads- state that the people “will not leave the streets” until the democratic government is reestablished.

Meanwhile, the de facto president, Roberto Micheletti, said in a press conference that he is willing to leave office under the condition that Zelaya does not return to the country. In turn, the de facto Public Ministry affirmed that if the constitutional president decides to return to Honduras, he will be imprisoned. Attorney General Luis Rubí said “We will proceed to take him into custody”.

On Thursday, the Costa Rican government announced that the talks between the constitutional and the de facto governments will be resumed in San Jose on Saturday. This was criticized by the social organizations of the country, which consider it is wrong to consider Zelaya´s and Micheletti´s governments as equal.

Jorge Coronado, spokesperson of the Liaisons Commission of Costa Rica, said there will be a demonstration in San Jose to protest this situation. “Saturday´s demonstration is not just a protest against the presence of the coup perpetrators in the country, but also against the mediation of Costa Rican President, Oscar Arias, who is putting a democratically elected government on the same level as one emerged from a coup d’état”, stated Coronado, according to EFE news agency.

Coronado stated that in addition to the demonstrations in Honduras, there will be a blockade of borders, a measure promoted by the Central American unions as a way to exert pressure on the de facto regime.

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