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6 January 2010 | | | |

Water is untouchable

Interview with Adriana Marquisio, Uruguayan activist in defense of water.

Water management was not an issue dealt with inside the COP 15 talks on Climate Change in Copenhagen. This is especially worrying for the social movements and organizations working globally for the human right to water.

Real World Radio interviewed Adriana Marquisio, leader of the Federation of Workers of OSE (the Uruguaya state-owned water company) at the Klimaforum held in parallel to the COP 15. She said there is talk of political processes but the issue of water is not mentioned. This is a demand that only few countries of the South are pushing for.

Marquisio attended the COP 15 on Climate Change in December on behalf of FOSSE, the International Public Services federation and the international public trade union federation and Red Vida, an organization comprising groups from different countries of the Americas working in defense of water.
The leader was concerned about the lack of democracy in the COP 15 process, over the attempt to kill the Kyoto Protocol by the industrialized countries and the promotion in the negotiations of the same model that is destroying the Earth and polluting and abusing water sources.

Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/foei

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